2005 News Releases

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Secretary Rice Urged By Congressman Waxman To Sever Ties With Boycotters
May 12, 2005
Date: 5/12/2005

"Boycott The Boycotters"
Stop The Boycott Of Israeli Universities By Signing The SWC's Petition
Date: 5/11/2005

South American Leaders Missing Historic Opportunity To Strike A Blow Against Suicide Terror At Historic Meeting With Arab Nations

Cumbre Sudamerica - Países Arabes: La Condena Al Terrorismo No Admite Multiples Lecturas
Date: 5/10/2005

Major Japanese Chain Removes Book Promoting Negative Jewish Stereotypes
May 9, 2005
Date: 5/9/2005

Japanese American Liberators Of Dachau Concentration Camp, WWII Veterans, Holocaust Survivors, Mayor Hahn, And Councilmen Villaraigosa And Weiss Led Sunday's "March Of Gratitude"
Date: 5/6/2005

SWC Annual Report on Nazi War Criminals Reveals Dramatic Rise in New Investigations; Slams Ukraine and Others; & Praises US for Outstanding Success
Date: 5/5/2005

SWC Re-Releases "Liberation" In Conjunction With The 60th Anniversary Of The Liberation Of The Concentration Camps
May 5, 2005
Date: 5/5/2005

South American Governments Urged To Block Endorsement Of Terrorist Groups During Upcoming Summit of South American – Arab Countries
May 2, 2005 (Lea Mas En Español)
Date: 5/2/2005

Wiesenthal Center And Targum Shlishi Welcome Extradition Request By Hungary For "Operation:Last Chance" Suspect Zentai
April 27, 2005
Date: 4/27/2005

SWC Urges Major Japanese Chain To Stop Sales Of Book Promoting Negative Jewish Stereotypes
April 21, 2005
Date: 4/21/2005

Wiesenthal Center Calls Upon Denmark To Apologize For Deportation Of Jewish Refugees To Nazi Germany During World War II And Commemorate Their Fate
April 21, 2005
Date: 4/21/2005

Passover Greetings from SWC Founder & Dean, Rabbi Marvin Hier
April 20, 2005
Date: 4/20/2005

Wiesenthal Center’s Chief Nazi-Hunter Meets With Directors Of Polish “Institute Of National Memory” To Advance Investigation Of Majdanek Guard Discovered In Framework Of “Operation: Last Chance”
April 20, 2005
Date: 4/20/2005

Statement By Simon Wiesenthal Center On Election Of Cardinal Ratzinger To Pope Benedict XVI
Date: 4/19/2005

SWC to British Institute of Directors: "Geographical Revisionism in Report on Saudi Arabia Implicitly Endorses Arab Boycott"
April 18, 2005
Date: 4/18/2005

SWC Applauds Iranian MP For Condemning State TV’s Antisemitic Miniseries
April 13, 2005
Date: 4/13/2005

Wiesenthal Center Expresses Surprise and Disappointment at Labor Party Welcome for "Holocaust-Fatigued" MP John Tamihere
April 12, 2005
Date: 4/12/2005

Wiesenthal Center to Turkish Foreign Minister: "US and European Reports on Uncondemned Antisemitic Literature May Impact upon Turkish EU Accession"
April 12, 2005
Date: 4/12/2005

SWC to UNICEF: "Dismiss Deputy Executive Director as an Agent of Palestinian Terrorist Propaganda"
April 11, 2005
Date: 4/11/2005

SWC Outraged By New Zealand MP's Comments: "Sick and Tired" of Hearing About Mass Murder of Jews During Holocaust
April 10, 2005
Date: 4/10/2005

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