2007 News Releases

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The Center's Newest Documentary "I Have Never Forgotten You, The Life and Legacy of Simon Wiesenthal" Premiered as an Official Selection at the 'Berlinale Special' at the "2007 Berlin Film Festival" & Official Selection of the Tribeca Film Festival
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Date: 2/16/2007

Simon Wiesenthal Center Applauds Germany’s Conviction Of Holocaust Denier
Date: 2/15/2007

Wiesenthal Center Denounces Nazi-Like Depiction Of Jews By Prolific And Popular Korean Author
Updated Development: Korean publisher promises to remove antisemitic images; to meet with SWC official in Seoul on March 15th
Date: 2/8/2007

Former President Jimmy Carter Criticizes Wiesenthal Center; Rabbi Hier Responds
Date: 2/6/2007

Wiesenthal Center: Jihadist Website Underscores Dangers Confronting Jews of Yemen
Date: 2/2/2007

Ethnic Canadian Leaders Frustrated By Continued Presence Of War Criminals In Canada
Date: 1/30/2007

Wiesenthal Center: Russian Support For Lifting Of Sanctions Against Hamas Damages The International Struggle Against Terrorism
Date: 1/30/2007

Simon Wiesenthal Center Condemns Irving Convicted Holocaust Denier Does Not Deserve Media Coverage
Date: 1/24/2007

Wiesenthal Center Applauds Proposed UN Resolution Condemning Holocaust Denial
Date: 1/23/2007

Three Dynamic Film Programs Now Available For Your University Campus
Date: 1/17/2007

Wiesenthal Center: MERCOSUR Should Condemn Iranian President's Latin America Tour
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Date: 1/12/2007

Wiesenthal Center Re: Carter Center Resignations: “President Carter Has Only Himself To Blame”
Date: 1/11/2007

Wiesenthal Center Hails Reformist Iranian Politicians For Criticizing Iranian Holocaust Conference
Date: 1/9/2007

Wiesenthal Center Urged PM Olmert To Protest Egyptian Holocaust Denial Conference During Meeting With President Mubarak In Sharm El Sheikh
Date: 1/2/2007

SWC Supports Civil Suit Against Iran and Hizbollah for AMIA Bombing
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Date: 1/1/2007

New SWC Documentary On The Life And Legacy Of Simon Wiesenthal
Official Selection of 2007 Berlin Film Festival
Date: 10/16/2006

Wiesenthal Centre to INTERPOL: Issue Warrants for Arrest on Sight of Iranians Implicated in AMIA Argentine Jewish Centre Bombing
Date: 9/27/2006
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