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Martin Luther King, Jr. <br>Civil Rights Leader<br>by Robert Jakoubek
Name: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Civil Rights Leader
by Robert Jakoubek
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Product Detail:Martin Luther King, Jr. became one of the most important and influential leaders of the civil rights movement in the U.S. He was deeply respected for his belief that social change could be accomplished through peaceful resistance, though his own life ended prematurely and violently.

King was most famous for the speech in which he said, “I have a dream.” This portrait of his life reveals an equally important quote, from King’s mother, who told the young King, Jr. “You must always feel that you are somebody.”

Nearly half a century after his assassination, King continues to inspire much of the American dialog about civil rights, making his mother’s words prophetic.

Softcover. Newly revised, with many historical photos.

Grades 6-12.

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