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The Ultimate Holiday Set
Name: The Ultimate Holiday Set
Product Code: CJCHAI
Description:Item Number: CJCHAI 
Product Detail:This ultimate holiday set is made of polished Jerusalem stone with a special glass cutting board etched with the words L’Shabbat v Yom Tov - Hamotsi Lehem min Ha’aretz in Hebrew . (For Shabbat and Holidays - blessing of bread from the earth). The upper side of the tray holds a glass dish that can be used for delicious sliced apples and honey. The tray can also be utilized for salt for the Challah. When not in use the matching candle sticks fit perfectly onto the glass dish. These candle sticks have a stone bottom, a glass cylinder encasing beautiful dried flowers and etched with the words: Shamor v Zahor (Keep and Remember). A matching challah knife, with the handle made of Jerusalem stone has the words: L’Shabbat v Yom Tov etched in the handle. A special drip cup completes this wonderful set.
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