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The Orange Houses <br>Paul Griffin
Name: The Orange Houses
Paul Griffin
Product Code: BPG
Description:Item Number: BPG 
Product Detail:Fifteen-year-old Mik Sykes canít hear much, and she likes it that way. She can pretend not to notice the constant taunts and threats at school. She can mute our the sellers and buyers, screamers and liars outside the housing project where she lives with her mother. She can live inside her own head.
Until two people change her world. Jimmi Sixes, a struggling street poet who is already a war veteran at just eighteen, introduces Mik to Fatima, a sixteen-year-old refugee who has just arrived in New York, all alone. These three struggling outsiders form an immediate and extraordinary friendship, but they also set off an explosive chain of events that will alter the course of each of their lives. This suspenseful, poignant novel by the acclaimed author of Ten Mile River is a fast-faced ride through the lives of those hiding in societyís fringes.

Hardbound 147 pages

The reading level is appropriate for children ages 11 and above.

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