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ESHET HAYIL: A Tribute to Jewish Woman
Name: ESHET HAYIL: A Tribute to Jewish Woman
Product Code: CD-EH
Description:Item Number: CD-EH 
Product Detail:This CD is a compilation of 16 tracks dedicated to all Jewish women, an acknowledgement for their relentless efforts to help us become who we are!


1) Mother Sarah:
Words and Music performed by Rabbi J Levy
2) A Yiddish Mama:
Performed by Cantor Herschel Fox
3)High Priest Blessing(Yevarahech):
Hebrew & English
4)Eshet Hayil:
"Woman of Valor" Yiddish
5)Eshet Hayil:
"Woman of Valor" Hassidic
6)Eshet Hayil:
"Woman of Valor" Sepharadic
7)Song of Songs:
Reading by Rabbi David Baron
Music by David H. Yakobian
8 )Goldah:
Reading by Rabbi Gershon Johnson & Elaine Wynstock
Music by David H. Yakobian
9)Abre Tu:
Ladino Love Song
10)My Bobbiniu:
A Dedication Song to Grandmother
11) Natalie:
A Dedication Song to a Daughter
12)Boyie Ima:
"Come Mother" in Hebrew
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