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The Irish American Family<br>Dorothy and Thomas Hobbler
Name: The Irish American Family
Dorothy and Thomas Hobbler
Product Code: BC09
Description:Item Number: BC09 
Product Detail:The Irish American Family Album is a remarkable history and memoir. This collection of diary entries, letters, interviews, personal reflections, and photographs culled from family archives and newspapers tells the rich and colorful history of Irish immigration with a passion and wit that is uniquely theirs. Life on the “ould sod,” the hardships and the great potato famine and British rule, the arduous Atlantic crossing, first impressions of America, building a new life all these come alive through the words and pictures of the Irish Americans.

Dorothy and Thomas Hobbler include profiles of well-known figures such as John F. Kennedy, John Wayne, Georgia O’Keefe, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Sandra Day O’Connor. But the real joy of the album comes from seeing the multitude of faces in the rare and fascinating photographs and in reading the accounts of unknown, everyday voices that make up the proud Irish American community.
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