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Paul Zim Presents Seder Nights CD
Name: Paul Zim Presents Seder Nights CD
Product Code: RCDPS
Description:Item Number: RCDPS 
Product Detail:Paul Zim presents Seder Nights, featuring the singing sensations, "The Haggadettes." A Passover sing-a-long and learning adventure for kids of all ages! Lyrics included.

Song list includes:

1. Dayenu
2. Kadesh Ur'chatz
3. Kiddush - Shehecheyanu
4. Ma Nishtana - "The Four Questions"
5. Avadim Hayinu
6. The Building Song
7. Listen King Pharoah
8. Let My People Go
9. One Morning - "The Frog Song"
10. B'tzeit Yisrael - "Ma l'cha Hayam"
11. The Afikoman Song
12. Eliyahu Hanavi
13. Adir Hu
14. L'shana Haba'ah B'Yrushalayim
15. One Is Hashem
16. Chad Gadya
17. The Macaroon Song
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