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Seder Plate Centerpiece by Tzuki
Name: Seder Plate Centerpiece by Tzuki
Product Code: M2
Description:item Number: M2 
Product Detail:This Whimsical Seder plate, a creation from Tzuki Design studio in Israel, is anything but your ordinary Seder plate. This centerpiece will help you to enjoy life’s simplistic beauty of Springtime, while observing your Jewish “roots” of Passover. This beautiful 3-dimensional centerpiece has seven delicate purple flowers and leaves sticking out of its base. The simple green, flowered base contains small glass saucers made for the traditional items of food for your Seder. What is unique about this centerpiece is that it is elevated so that everyone will be able to admire it, therefore it will truly be a focal point for your Seder.

Measures 17" tall x 13" wide. Contains six 3½" removable dishes for easing passing.
Quantity On Hand:1