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Sammy Spider's First Shavuot<br>written by Sylvis Rouss
Name: Sammy Spider's First Shavuot
written by Sylvis Rouss
Product Code: BSR-Shavout
Description:Item Number: BSR-Shavout 
Product Detail:Sammy Spider has had a busy day. First, he watches Mrs Shapiro make blintzes for Shavout - and just misses being splattered by hot oil. Then, he is sprayed with juice from the strawberries Mr. Shapiro is slicing. Finally he plops into a vase of flowers and gets dusted with pollen. Step-by-step, he is introduced to another holiday and learns a spider's recipe for living.
*As a special bonus, Mrs. Shapiro's Blintz recipe is included but the consensus is that farmers or hoop cheese is more authentic.
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