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Maccabees Board Game
Name: Maccabees Board Game
Product Code: JE612
Description:item Number: JE612 
Product Detail:Designed and manufactured in the USA, this family game includes lots of competitive dreidel spinning and adventure! Players are Maccabee soldiers sent by Judah Maccabee to find oil to rekindle the menorah in the great temple at Jerusalem.
Players Move Their Markers Around The Board By Spinning Dreidels. Along The Way, Adventures Occur, And Treasures Are Won (And Lost). The First Player To Acquire Eight Vials Of Oil Wins The Game.

The Game Board, Cards And Instructions Are Written In English And Hebrew, So The Game Is Instructive As Well As Fun! Parts Included Are: A Beautifully Illustrated Game Board, Instructions, One Pack Of Adventure Cards, Menorah Cards (4); Dreidels (4); Cardboard Cut Out Oil Vials, And Cardboard Gelt Coins.

Appropriate For Ages 8 And Older
2-8 players
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