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The "Real" Complete Happy Hanukkah Party CD
Name: The "Real" Complete Happy Hanukkah Party CD
Product Code: DA42
Description:Item Number: DA42 
Product Detail:The best CD around for your Happy Hanukkah Party Celebration! Includes 30 songs and blessings superbly recorded in Hebrew, English, Yiddish and Ladino.

Special bonus feature: Pop the disk into your PC and print out lyrics, music with notes and even recipes!

1)Hanukkah Blessings
2)Ma'Oz Tzur
3)Hanerot Halalu
4)Ner Li
5)Mi yimallel
6)Banu Choshech
7)These Candles
8)Yemey Ha Hanukah
9) Hanukkah Hag Yafe
10)Svivoni Yarutz
11)I Have A Little Dradle
12)O Hanukkah
12)Svivon Sov, Sov, Sov
14)All Ha Nisim
15)Hava Narima
16)Hop Maine Latke
17)Latke Cakes
18)Au Nosin
19)Chanukah Yefeifa
20)Lickvod Ha Hanukkah
21)Chanukia Li yesh
22)Oy Ir kleine Lichtelech
23)Kad Katan
24)Kemach kemach
25)Simu Shemen
26) Hanna Zelda
27)Shiv Chay Ma Oz
28)Nerotay Haze Irim
29)Maoz Tsur( Ladino Version)
30)Mi Ze Hidlik
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