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The Supreme Passover Set
Name: The Supreme Passover Set
Product Code: AMEGA
Description:Item Number: AMEGA 
Product Detail:This beautiful 14-piece set has everything you need to create a memorable Seder. Handmade glass with decoupage leaf design and turquoise accents. The Seder plate includes eight recess compartments.

Make this Pesach a special one.

Set includes a Seder plate (16 x 12"); matzo tray (12 x 12 inch); Elijah glass (7") with dish (5"); Miriam glass (7") with dish (5"); haroset bowl (3 x 4") with matching spoon, top, and dish (8"); and bitter herb bowl (3 x 4") with matching spoon, top and dish (8").

Handwashing recommended.
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