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60th Diamond Anniversary to Israel CD
Name: 60th Diamond Anniversary to Israel CD
Product Code: CD-60
Description:Item Number: CD-60 
Product Detail:This CD commemorates the 60th Jubilee year with 60 all time hits on 2 Discs. Includes songs in Hebrew, English, Yiddish and Ladino. This CD will warm your heart (& if you dance your feet too), set in medleys for a non-stop simcha celebration!

CD1 Song List:
1. To Life
2. Jerusalem
3. Mashiah
4. Yismehu Hashamayim
5. Veshuv It'hem
6. Siman Tov
7. Mazel Tov
8. Oseh Shalom
9. Sheraleh
10. Mayim Dance
11. Od Yishama
12. Bashana Haba'ah
13. Hava Nagila
14. Hevenu Shalom
15. Zerer Atik
16. Mizerlu
17. Pata Pata
18. Zodiak
19. Ol Lo Ahavti Dai
20. Haro'ah Haktana
21. Al Kanfei
22. Tzadik Katamar
23. Tayish
24. Yoya
25. Yiden
26. Hora Medura
27. Shibolet Basade
28. Hora
29. Erev Shel Shoshanim
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