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Sites & Songs of Israel DVD & CD/CD Rom
Name: Sites & Songs of Israel DVD & CD/CD Rom
Product Code: CD-DVD
Description:Item Number: CD-DVD 
Product Detail:A visually breathtaking and heartfelt musical journey across Israel. "David and the High Spirits" takes us on a musical virtual tour across the land of Israel! Each song delivers a different theme. Watching the film makes you feel as if you are there!
(Bonus: free screen saver included!)

1. Sisu et Yerusahalayim & Yerushalayim
(Dedicated to Jerusalem)
2. Erev Shel Shoshanim (Evening of Roses)
3. Todah--"Thank You"
4. Eretz Eretz-A dedicational song to the land of Israel
5. Al Kol Eleh-A gratitude song
6. Sham Harei Golan-Instrumental
7. Sharem A Sheik
8. Jerusalem of Gold
9. Kineret Sheli (My Sea of Galilee-Instrumental
10. Eretz Israel Yafa -The Beautiful Israel-Instrumental
11. How beautiful are the nights in the land of Israel
12 Kan Noladeti-That's My Place- Instrumental
13. Kahol ve' Lavan (Blue and White)
14. Hatikvah- The National Anthem- Instrumental
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