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Merkava Necklace
Name: Merkava Necklace
Product Code: VH275
Description:Item Number: VH275 
Product Detail:This stunning sterling silver 3D Merkaba necklace is truly a unique piece of jewelry. Composed of two triangles four sided pyramids, it is joined together to create a 3D star tetrahedron.

Merkaba is a term that, in Hebrew, means "chariot" and in ancient Egyptian translates into: MER= rotating fields of light; KA= spirit;BA= soul.
In Jewish Mysticism, the Merkaba is the energy field that exists around every living thing throughout the Universe. When the Merkaba is activated around a person's body, it will result in deeper contact with his/her higher self, give an unparalleled protection and will strengthen every aspect of life.

Comes with a 20 sterling silver chain.
Charm Size: 0.6 x 0.6
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