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Love Mobius Bracelet
Name: Love Mobius Bracelet
Product Code: DVBLOVE
Description:Item Number: DVBLOVE 
Product Detail:This sterling silver bracelet is an homage to love. There are over six thousand known languages throughout the world - one could be sure that each would contain at least one word for love, a universal emotion that binds us all. This bracelet serves as a daily reminder that love and affection is characteristic of all peoples.

The bracelet itself displays some unusual properties. The geometric form is known as a Möbius strip, after the mathematician August Ferdinand Möbius [1790-1868].
It represents the seeming paradox of a plane without end, or one of infinite length. As such it became accepted as a symbol for infinity. As it is commonly said that love lasts forever, it is an appropriate and symbolic form for a piece of jewelry celebrating love.

Engraved around the bracelet, within and without, are the words for love in twenty eight different languages!

Ellipse: 2 13/16" x 2 1/12" [72mm x 64mm]
Width: 3/16"- 5I

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