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Crossing the River (br)by Shalom  Eilati
Name: Crossing the River (br)by Shalom Eilati
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Product Detail:Crossing the River is more than a personal memoir. Against the backdrop of Lithuania's occupation - first by the Red Army next by the Germans, and then again by the Russians - it is a story reflected through the prism of a sharp-eyed young child, Shalom Eilati. His story starts in the occupied Kovno Ghetto and ends with his flight across the Soviet border, through Poland and Germany and finally, his arrival in Palestine. The account is not a mere retelling of events. Rather, the adult, while recalling the terrorized child that he was and how he percevied the adult world, also takes stock of his present life. Throughout the memoir Eilati attempts to reconcile his present life as a husband, father, scientist, and writer with the images, feelings and thoughts from the past that have left an indelible mark on his life and that continue to haunt him. 
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