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Maus I: A Survivor's Tale
Name: Maus I: A Survivor's Tale
Product Code: MAUS
Description:Item Number: MAUS 
Product Detail:With this Pulitzer Prize winning comic in 1992, Art Spiegelman changed the perception of comics as a medium. By portraying a true story of the Holocaust in comic form--the Jews are mice, the Germans cats, the Poles pigs, the French frogs, and the Americans dogs--Spiegelman compels the reader to imagine the action, to fill in the blanks that are so often shied away from. Reading Maus, you are forced to examine the Holocaust anew. The success of Maus opened the door for many comic artists to address serious subjects through this thought-provoking medium. Maus is a groundbreaking work in the fields of comics, literature, and World War II history, and it is one of the most acclaimed stories of Holocaust survivors.
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